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Women Adventure Travel Industry Trends


Some of the trends impacting the women adventure travel industry in the US are; women’s solo travels on the rise, cultural experiences and girlfriend getaways.

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Trend #1: The Rise In Women’s Solo Travels

Trend #2: Cultural Experiences

Trend #3: Girlfriend Getaways

  • Women who are not comfortable traveling alone are forming small groups with other women or their daughters, just to have the adventure experiences.
  • Research shows that these girlfriend getaways bring in over $200 million every year. This particular market accounts for 4% of travel spending in the United States. In the last three years (ending 2019), 24% of women in the United States have experienced a girlfriend getaway.
  • Resorts, hotels and destinations in the US are making extra efforts to appeal to the girlfriend getaway market since it represents a very profitable niche.
  • Elite Travel is an example of a company that has embraced this trend.
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Women Adventure Travel Industry Overview and Case Studies

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