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We have located six recruitment agencies, listed below, that you can work with to identify potential candidates for hiring software engineers and developers. Each of the agencies listed below are Global Employer Solutions (GEO) companies, which essentially act as an employer for employees located in countries other than the one in which a business operates. These types of recruitment agencies handle the hiring, payroll, HR, and other legal administrative components to hiring an employee from a country outside of the one in which a business originates. For each recruitment agency listed below, a brief overview of their capabilities and offerings, the types of employees they can help hire, and their respective contact information, as available, has been provided.

1. BrightR Solutions

  • BrightR Solutions is a Canadian Employer Solutions company that can find and hire remote workers from Canada, as well as compensate them without the difficulties of hiring an individual as an independent contractor.
  • Employees hired via BrightR work directly for the company that hires BrightR. However, BrightR manages the payroll, HR, benefits, and other details associated with employment.
  • A business that hires BrightR Solutions pays a fee to BrightR to find and hire a remote Canadian employee, who will then work for the business but be paid via BrightR. The idea is that BrightR helps non-Canadian companies bypass difficulties with compensation, insurance, labor law and tax compliance, and other admin-related concepts.
  • BrightR Solutions contact information:
    • Email:
    • Phone: 800-550-1768
    • Address: 4500 Hwy 7, Suite 210, Vaughan ON, L4L 4Y7, Canada

2. Shield GEO

  • Shield GEO is another Global Employment Organization that also has offices in Canada. This organization charges a flat-fee per employee on a monthly basis.
  • Shield GEO can help foreign companies hire employees from outside of their country of operation, as well as process their work permits, payroll, taxes, and other legalities of hiring.
  • For Canada specifically, Shield GEO can cover payroll, work permits and business visas for any employee they help find and employee.
  • Shield GEO contact information:
    • Phone: +1 877-457-7691
    • Submit an online query

3. CPUS Engineering Staffing Solutions Inc.

  • CPUS is a staffing agency located in Ontario that is specifically focused on helping employers hire engineers. CPUS is a privately-owned Canadian staffing agency.
  • The types of talent that CPUS can help hire include engineers, scientists, technicians, project manners, consultants, and the like.
  • CPUS can help employers hire augmented (as required), contract, or even permanent workers.
  • CPUS contact information:
    • Phone: 905-822-0471 ext. 221
    • Fax: 905-822-0412
    • Email:
    • Address: 2155 Leanne Boulevard, Suite 250, Mississauga, Ontario, L5K 2K8 Canada

4. Randstad

  • Randstad is an engineering specialist recruitment company out of Toronto, Ontario.
  • Randstad can help employers hire talent in the following IT and Technology areas:
    • Full stack developers
    • Project managers/coordinators
    • Software developers/engineers
    • Business analysts
    • Mobile developers
    • Data analysts
    • Java developers
    • Quality assurance analysts
    • Back-end developers
    • Big data specialists
    • Front-end developers
    • Database specialists
    • Web developers
    • Security specialists
    • UI/UX developers
    • Network specialists
  • Internationally, Randstad has an 88% fill rate for exclusive contracts and a 98% retention rate for all employees they hire.
  • Randstad can provide employers with a short-list of potential candidates with 48 hours of receiving a request.
  • Randstad contact information:
    • Phone: 1-800-540-3594
    • Address: 777 Bay Street, Suite 2000 PO Box 128, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2C8

5. Planet4iT

  • Planet4iT is another recruitment agency located in Ontario that specifically focuses on helping employers hire talent in the IT industry.
  • This organization can help find and hire talent, as well as assist with administrative duties associated with foreign hires, including billing, benefits, compensation, and the like. They meet face-to-face with candidates before hiring to verify their capabilities and preferences
  • This company offers recruitment products such as contingent searches, retained/exclusive searches, and contract/service searches to help match employees to positions most effectively.
  • Planet4iT also offers employers an information package, called the “Competency Encyclopedia and Behavioral Interview” that is aimed at assisting employers with effectively writing out job postings and interviewing potential employees to find the best fit.
  • In addition, Planet4iT offers a unique performance metrics system that can help an employer understand their staffing turnover rates and the relative impacts it has on overall performance.
  • Finally, Planet4iT offers employment branding consulting to help employers figure out how to attract top talent for their needs.
  • Planet4iT contact information:
    • Phone: 416-363-9888
    • Fax: 416-363-9899
    • Email:
    • Address: 55 Yonge Street, Suite 1300, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5E 1J4

6. Hays Recruitment Canada

  • Hays Recruitment can help employers find permanent, temporary, and contract workers, both in-person and remote.
  • Hays has received awards in 2017, 2018, and 2019 for being one of Canada’s Top 3 Recruitment Agencies, as well as having the most followers on LinkedIn, among others.
  • In the IT industry, Hays Recruitment has over 25,000 confirmed qualified candidates that can fill roles including but not limited to software development, cyber security, artificial intelligence, big data, and project management.
  • Hays is also an exclusive partner with Stack Overflow, an organization that connects developers to businesses.
  • Hays Recruitment Canada contact information:
    • Fill out an online query
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