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Gantt Chart Template, Project Timeline Template, Work Plan Timeline, Project Tracking Template, Project Budget Template, To-Do List Template, Critical Path Method (CPM), Status Report Template, and Action Item Templates are some of the most popular, easy to use, and free excel templates for project management. Details and links to their download pages have been provided in the brief below;

1. Gantt Chart Template

Gantt Chart template

2. Project Timeline Template

  • Here is a link to the project timeline template.
  • “The Project Timeline template allows the collaborators to plan, track and manage in one location”
  • Charts are updated as user is editing the table in a project timeline template.
  • Another key feature with the Project template is the ability to choose different colors for the bars in the timeline.
  • Numerous sources such as Vertex42, and the Certified Management Accountants (CMA) of Australia have recommended the template.

Project Timeline Template

3. Work Plan Timeline

  • Here is a link to the Work Plan Timeline.

Work Plan Template

  • The template enables users to organize the workflow by planning activities in a clear timeline that can be easily followed.
  • Two sections in the Work Plan Timeline; activities and outcomes, let users define ideas from the planning stage.
  • The worksheet updates automatically as tasks and outcomes are entered.
  • Excel Experts and Make-Use-Of sources recommend the Work Plan Timeline as an easy to use template.

4. Project Tracking Template

Project Tracking Template

  • The template addresses the need to communicate vital information, update tasks, and estimate expenses.
  • Team leaders use the Project Tracking Template to gauge whether projects are running on time and within the budget.
  • The project is great for contractors, freelancers, consultants and other service providers working on multiple tasks.
  • Go Skills, Vertex42 and Make-Use-Of are some of the sources recommending the tool.

5. Project Budget Template

  • Here is a link to the Project Budget Template.
  • Project Budget Template
  • Without a budgeting strategy, even solid plans are bound to fail. The Excel budget template help manage project finances
  • The free Excel comes in colors codes to enable you see when your are in the red.
  • CMA have praised this template for its versatility. The Project Budget Template is highly recommended as a must have tool by Project Manager, Vertex, and CMA sources.

6. To-Do List Template

  • Here is a link to the To-do list template.
  • Recommended by Go Skills, and Vertex42 the template updates team members on the status of specific tasks.

To-do list template

  • The To-Do list template helps you add project task, the priority level, due date, the person in charge and any other notes necessary for team members’ knowledge

7. Critical Path Method (CPM)

Critical Path Method

  • Here is a link to the CPM spreadsheet for excel.
  • According to Spreadsheeto, CPM is critical to project management.
  • The tool helps pinpoint tasks that are more essential and those that need more attention and resources. It also helps identify the tasks that can be delayed and for how long they can be delayed.
  • According to Vertex, the CPM spreadsheet algorithm, enables users copy, paste and enter data easily in cells with only a few guidelines.

8. Status Report Template

  • Here is a link to the template

Status Report Template

  • Team managers use it to relay and receive essential information to team members, sponsors and clients.
  • The template allows them to keep track of their team’s progress in order to identify and address critical challenges.
  • Project Manager and Spreadsheeto are among the sources that heavily recommend this tool.

9. Action Item Template

  • Here is a link to the Action Item Template.

Action Item Template

  • Use the tool to list tasks for follow-ups.
  • Use the conditional formatting feature to cross out task once done.
  • The tool keeps you “more invested in each and every task without micromanaging each of them.”
  • Spreadsheeto and Vertex speak highly of this tool.

Research Strategy

Our list is based on the most reviewed project management excel templates. The templates presented were mentioned by various sites such as Hubspot, The Certified Management Accountants of Australia, The Excel Experts, Make-Use-Of, Vertex, Spreadsheeto, Project Manager and Go Skills. We picked the templates that appeared in more than one site.

Glenn is the Lead Operations Research Analyst at Simple Manifestation with experience in research, statistical data analysis and interview techniques. A holder of degree in Economics. A true specialist in quantitative and qualitative research.


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