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What are the Most Helpful Innovation Tech Products in the Current COVID Situation?


Innovative tech products are pretty helpful in the current COVID situation. The American market is filled with innovative tech products like hands-free door openers, temperature kiosks, smart wearables, and sensors.

1. Hands-Free Door Openers

  • NoContactKey has launched brass door openers, which help users avoid any contact with the door surface. The door opener tool is manufactured from antimicrobial brass. NoContactKey is a uniquely designed tool that helps open doors and is also useful for use at ATMs and elevators.
  • This tool can be implemented at offices, factories, and all kinds of public places. One of the customers of NoContactKey stated that this tool really helps her in her job as an essential worker.

2. Privacy-First Self-Check Temperature Kiosk

  • IntraEdge and Intel have collaboratively launched a temperature check kiosk, Janus; it is developed as “a privacy-first solution that checks the user’s temperature and verifies identity with maximum convenience and safety.”
  • This system is currently being tested with select customers, but IntraEdge is already receiving orders from a variety of industries, including hospitality, movie theater, retail, restaurant, and professional sports.

3. Rescue smart badge

  • Proxfinity, a Chicago based startup, has created an innovative wearable technology; this is particularly helpful for companies to keep track of their employees and their interaction with other employees. This wearable is designed as a badge that employees can easily wear or keep in their pockets. Corporate offices in the US are using this technology. No customer or employee reviews were available for this tool.

4. Kinexon Sensors

  • Kinexon is a German tech company that is remarketing its ultra-wideband sensors as a tool for ensuring social distancing. The sensor is called “SafeZone,” it is a wearable sensor that signals its users when the minimum social distance with another person is not maintained.
  • “The company envisions the “SafeZone” product being used on factory floors, and it’s being tested with current clients, including a food manufacturer in the United States.”

Research Strategy

Most of these tech tools are currently under testing phase, and the companies have not released any comments or reviews from their clients. To gain insights into how the general public perceives these tech tools, we combed through the social media accounts of these companies, but we found no relevant comments.

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