What are the Best Practices that Customer Success Managers/Account Managers Use to Increase customer engagement in a SaaS Platform?

What are the Best Practices that Customer Success Managers/Account Managers Use to Increase customer engagement in a SaaS Platform?

Four best practices that customer success managers or account managers can use to increase customer engagement in a SaaS startup include triggered messaging, using video tutorials, providing user incentives, and offering free training. Triggered messaging makes communication between a SaaS company and the customer personalized. Furthermore, video tutorials are useful in capturing user attention and increasing user engagement.


  • Users are likely to engage in e-mails that they find relevant. Triggered messages can promote engagement since they are based on specific actions a user did or did not take.
  • Using data to send relevant messages to customers enables a SaaS company to have personalized communication with its users.
  • Triggered messaging can be used to lure back customers who are likely to cancel their subscription.
  • Triggered messaging can be useful in providing timely, helpful advice. For instance, an e-mail with tutorials can be sent to customers one or two days after registration.


  • It is crucial to provide users with continuing education after making a purchase.
  • Despite eBooks and guides being the popular forms of distributing educational content due to their cost-effectiveness, they are not driving customer engagement.
  • Video tutorials are visually stimulating and, therefore, useful in capturing a customer’s attention.
  • Video tutorials can easily be consumed on mobile a device, which enables users to have access to them on demand.
  • To produce video tutorials, one has to understand what customers want to learn the most about the software. Some key things to look at include the challenges new users experience when using the platform.



  • Offering free training to new users is one way of increasing customer engagement.
  • The training sessions can teach users ways of navigating through the platform and making the best use of the product’s features.
  • One way of having a training session is starting a free webinar that takes users through the process of using the platform. The sessions can be prerecorded and have a live segment at the end for questions and answers.


To find the requested information, we looked at industry sites and articles from SaaS marketing experts such as Seven Atoms, Neil Patel, and Business2Business Community. We took into consideration the role of customer success managers while analyzing the information and selected the strategies that can be executed by these professionals. We determined the best practices by selecting those that were mentioned the most out of the sources that we reviewed.

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