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Campaign for Movement, Clean Air Day, and Get Moving and Take Action Campaign are some campaign initiatives made by Brompton Cycles to promote the hiring of its bikes. The company’s competitors include Hummingbird Bike, Decathlon UK, Raleigh Bikes, Pashley, Moulton, Volt Bikes, and Riese & Müller.


(i) Campaign for Movement

  • The campaign, launched in September 2019 to celebrate Car Free Day, offered 5,000, £1 bike hire memberships and 15,000 days of free bike hire via its UK nationwide Brompton Bike Hire scheme.
  • According to the company, air pollution causes at least 40,000 early deaths each year in the UK, with more than 8,000 hectares of Central London land being taken up by parked cars, which is similar in size to 57 Hyde Parks, 6.6 Heathrow Airports, or 5,714 Football Pitches.
  • Highlighting that one parking space can accommodate 42 of Brompton Cycles’ folded bikes, the company indicated that cycling is proven to unclog roads and arteries.
  • With only 3% of the UK’s current 66.4 million population riding bikes regularly, regular exercise, among which cycling is prime, could reduce depression and the chance of developing cancer by up to 30% and 45%, respectively.

(ii) Clean Air Day

  • Details about the June 19, 2019 Clean Air Day initiative from Brompton Cycles can be found here.
  • The company campaigned for the switching up of commutes from the regular car-driving and tube or metro-hopping to cycling or walking through the city.
  • As an incentive to help socially-conscious individuals induce their friends and family into sustainable mobility, the company offered coupons with four days of free bike hire to everyone referred by existing Brompton Bikes users.

(ii) Get Moving and Take Action Campaign

  • The Get Moving campaign was part of the company’s larger Campaign for Movement, whose September 19, 2019, publication, accompanied by the Take Action campaign, which was pushing for the prioritization of spending on cycling and walking by the UK political leaders, encouraged people to hire the company’s bikes if they were considering cycling but lacked bikes.
  • According to the company, 68% of all car journeys in the UK measured less than 5 miles. Choosing to cover those trips by foot or bike would help people “burn calories, rather than fossil fuels, and realize improvements in health, mental well-being and environmental impact.”
  • The image below illustrates some benefits proposed by the company to consumers.
  • Brompton Cycles had initially hosted representatives from each political party in its Active Travel Hustings event, ahead of the UK 2019 General Election, to outline their active travel policy proposals, including government spending on cycling and walking.


  • Brompton Cycles’ signature bicycle, The Brompton, was first manufactured as a product that “increases people’s sense of independence and sense of freedom, and this concept is still at the heart of everything the company does.”
  • Brompton Cycles’ social purpose is to offer sustainable mobility solutions, especially, in urban areas, that help solve the problem of urban living, including minimizing the presence of pollutant-emitting diesel engines in jam-packed cities, gridlocks, and traffic accidents.
  • Additionally, the company identifies stress, obesity, and poor mental health as other consequences of the complexities involved in the current state of movement in urban environments.
  • About the UK’s urban environment, Will Butler-Adams, the company’s CEO stated, “our cities are killing us. Not only have we completely lost touch with our surroundings; our urban lifestyles are actually damaging our health and the environment. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve spoken to some world’s leading urban experts to explore how clever city planning combined with appropriate investment can impact our environments. Let’s work together and become a force for change.”
  • Additionally, the company is committed to offering safer cycling solutions in lieu of the perils surrounding cycling welfare. Brompton Cycles launched the Brompton Electric, its electric bike model with an intelligent pedal assist that offers users an extra push as the need arises while cycling.
  • The May 14, 2019 “Win a month’s free commuting on a Brompton Electric” competition is an example of an event held by the company to promote its product and the mobility social purpose as a whole, where up to 15 winners were selected.


  • An exhaustive search through Brompton Cycles’ website, social media platforms, and top UK cycling industry sites, such as Cycling UK, one of the country’s charitable membership organizations supporting cyclists, and BikeBiz did not yield any recent additional charitable partnerships or activities apart from the Wheels4NHS initiative.
  • The company’s Wheels4NHS charity initiative, identified in the early findings, which involved the raising of over £340,000 in March 2020 to provide bikes for the St Barts Hospital and NHS London front-line workers amid the COVID-19 crisis, saw 200 bikes issued within two weeks following its launch.
  • Additionally, the initiative received an overwhelming response, with around 500 NHS staff registering for the service within the same period.
  • Apart from the Brompton community and around 1,815 individual donors, some other contributors involved in the month-long crowdfunding exercise included British Cycling and HSBC.
  • The company also offered the NHS workers a three months’ free Cycling UK Membership, which includes free third-party liability insurance and access to their legal advice line.
  • Brompton Cycles also partnered with to enable bike owners in isolation, due to the pandemic’s impact, to list their bikes with the website and share them with healthcare workers in need of a bike to rent.


We have replaced the last three companies proposed in the early findings to focus on manufacturers of bikes with folding capabilities. The companies covered include Hummingbird Bike, Decathlon UK, Raleigh Bikes, Pashley, Moulton, Volt Bikes, and Riese & Müller.

Hummingbird Bike

  •  Hummingbird is a Banbury, UK-based manufacturer of folding bikes founded in 2015.
  • Hummingbird offers three models of the folding bicycle, including the single speed, multi-speed, and electric versions, in addition to offering their accessories.
  • The company also offers bespoke solutions, allowing customers to have customized products that suit their needs and preferences.
  • Hummingbird has also collaborated with other designers, such as Paul Smith, to offer limited editions of their products, in this case, the single-speed model.
  • Hummingbird markets itself as the “creator of the lightest folding bike in the world, with a combination of precision engineering and beautiful design, that makes it is simple, portable and a joy to ride.”
  • The company’s competitive advantage is the super-light weight of its products. Hummingbird boasts a 6.9kg bike weight that allows easier movement and portability, compared to Brompton Cycles, whose lightest bike weighs a 9.6kg.
  • The company’s value proposition is to offer a simple, portable, and joy-to-ride bikes handmade in England, with the company’s lightweight wheels allowing users to move faster with lesser effort. Hummingbird’s goal is “to enable people to enjoy greater freedom through its endless pursuit of better design and innovation.”

Decathlon UK

  • Decathlon UK is a family-owned sporting goods retailer founded in 1976 that also designs and manufactures its owns products, with more than 20 in-house brands.
  • The company offers a wide range of sporting goods, including cycling, hiking, camping, fitness and gym, running, and football products.
  • The company operates more than 2,000 stores, spread across 56 countries in five continents, with almost 100,000 employees.
  • The B’Twin Tilt 120 folding bike is one of the company’s most competitive products in the folding bike landscape, whose advantage is its value price, retailing at £180, which is much cheaper compared to the foldable bikes in the market. The product features six gear speeds, fitted mudguards, and a highly adjustable saddle that makes sharing easy.
  • Decathlon’s value proposition is to offer “ever-evolving and high performance design, the best quality at the lowest possible price, and expert advice that customers of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels can access in-store or online, from anywhere, at any time.”
  • The company markets itself as an international lover of sports and a team player that embraces all religions, ages, races, skin colors, and skill levels.

Raleigh Bikes

  • Raleigh, whose history dates back to 1887, is a Nottingham, England-based company that is part of the Accell Group, a European company that owns a suite of bike brands throughout Europe and North America.
  • Raleigh offers various models of bikes, including folding, mountain, classic, and hybrid, with a wide range of accessories, including bags, helmets, stands, and gloves.
  • The Stowaway 7 is one of the company’s most competitive product in the folding bike landscape, whose advantage is its reasonable price, at £400, with a suite of features, including a lightweight aluminum frame, metal mudguard, 7 speed Shimano Tourney gear system, pre-installed rear pannier rack, and powerful v-brakes.
  • Raleigh’s value proposition is its brand heritage, having been in business for over 100 years. The company markets itself as “capturing the British spirit since 1887.”


  • Pashley is a Stratford, UK-based manufacturer of bicycles founded in 1926.
  • The company offers a variety of bicycle, tricycle, and carrier cycle models uniquely hand-built to order, including their accessories.
  • The company markets itself as “England’s longest established bicycle manufacturer with a dedicated team that designs and hand-builds a unique range of traditional bicycles and tricycles.”
  • The company’s value proposition is to meet the diverse and evolving needs of customers by offering cycles that are of unique quality and design, with connection to a well-established heritage of craftsmanship and innovation at its factory.


  • Moulton was founded in 1962 by Alex Moulton, a key member of the Mini design team and is headquartered in Wiltshire, England.
  • The company markets itself as the provider of “original full-suspension, separable, small-wheeled, high performance bicycle, world renowned for speed, efficiency, durability, and comfort.”
  • Additionally, the company’s value proposition includes offering “the world’s most efficient form of transport — designed for universal use, real performance and comfort that is expertly engineered for over 50 years and handcrafted in England, these bicycles are.
  • The Moulton SST Alfine is one of the competitive products manufactured by the company that includes an 11-speed internal hub gearing, a rear disc brake, Deda Speciale classic drop handlebars, and narrow 20in tyres. Although the company’s products are not folded, they are easy to dismantle into two stowable parts that are also quick to assemble in less than a minute.

Volt Bikes

  • The Volt Metro is the company’s signature foldable e-bike whose competitive point is its low energy-cruising. According to the company, the model aims to “keep in line with tradition as one of the most popular electric bikes in the company’s range. The stylish foldable e-bike has been improved and refined with several new developments and it’s safe to say the Metro has never looked or ridden better!”
  • Founded in 2010 and based in London, UK, Volt Bikes markets itself as “fueling the #eBikeRevolution with the Best Electric Bikes in the UK and offering a greener and safer alternative way to travel that’s way more fun.”
  • The company’s value proposition is to offer e-bikes that “match high-end looks with the most advanced electric technology around — at a realistic price, all with an original British design and the finest components; quality electric cycles that look as good as they perform.”

Riese & Müller

  • Riese & Müller is a German-based manufacturer of bicycles that distributes its products in various European and North American countries, including the UK and the US.
  • The company markets itself as “shaping the mobility of the future by offering e-bikes with fewer emissions and more living space, that can be used to cover even longer distances with ease or effortlessly transport larger loads, while active and moving at the same time.”
  • Birdy City is one of the company’s most competitive folding bicycles fitted with 18-inch wheels that give it a more stable ride than the Brompton.
  • The model offers impressive stability and comfort, with faster mobility compared to its rivals due to its aggressive, sporty geometry.
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