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Web Design Accessibility and Compliance Future Trends


Insights and Trends – Web Design: Accessibility

Five future technology and internet trends surrounding accessibility that are predicted to impact web design in the next three to five years are: Minimalism, Website Performance and Screen Readers, Progressive Web Apps, Keyboard and Voice Operation and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

1. Minimalism

2. Website Performance and Screen Readers

3. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

4. Keyboard and Voice Operation

5. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Insights and Trends – Web Design: Compliance

Future trends in web design will center around accessibility and privacy for website users. Web designers will need to be aware of current and future regulations and standards regarding these future trends to make sure that they are in compliance with them.

1. Accessibility For Visitors With Disabilities

2. User Data Collection and Stricter Data Protection Regulations

3. SSL Certificates

4. Blockchain and Future Government Regulations

  • A blockchain is linked encrypted data with added protection features.
  • An increase in the use of blockchain in web design is a predicted future trend by web design experts because of its ability to create a “high standard of transparency and incorruptibility“, and the need for web designers to comply with anticipated future government regulations regarding the use of block chain will necessitate them staying aware of current regulatory topics of discussion as outlined in publications such as The Roadmap for Blockchain Standards Report.
  • More blockchain use is predicted by web design experts to have a positive impact on web design, particularly in the area of instant messaging applications.

5. AI and Algorithmic Fairness

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the development of technology that is based on machine intelligence.
  • More sophisticated features in AI for web design is a predicted future trend by web design experts because of the ability to enhance the website user experience, and complying with anticipated algorithmic fairness standards will require web designers to develop more unbiased algorithms and include feedback from diverse populations.
  • The increased sophistication of AI features like chat bots in web design is predicted to make websites more conversational and positively impact web design with real benefits in the future.

Research Strategy

We first researched future trends in web design from multiple credible sources like SiteJet, Thee Digital, and IntelliThought. We then researched compliance issues that directly impacted these future trends in web design that we identified. We then researched any further data that was available of these future trends and compliance issues to complete our findings.

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