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U.S. Residential Electrical Wire Market


Recent product and service innovations and launches of leading residential electrical wire manufacturers in the United States suggest a focus on value packaging, smart wire features, and service improvements. These manufacturers sell to electrical supply distributors, which, in turn, sell to contractors. The supplier requirements of leading electrical supply distributors indicate that when choosing vendors or manufacturers, electrical supply distributors use the following selection criteria: product quality, engineering quality, compliance with standards, after-sales service quality, innovation capability, and product recommendation capability.

Innovations in Packaging

  • Recent innovations of Encore Wire and Cerro Wire point to an emphasis on value packaging. Both Encore Wire and Cerro Wire are leading manufacturers of residential electrical wire in the United States. Encore Wire is based in McKinney, Texas, while Cerro Wire is based in Hartselle, Alabama.
  • Encore Wire has introduced innovative value packaging products such as the Metal Clad (MC) Barrel Pack, the Reel Payoff, the Real Deal, the PullPro, and the Cyclone Barrel Pack.
  • These value packaging products were designed to help contractors save time and money and minimize or eliminate scrap. They boast of portability, maneuverability, and ease of setup and use. Encore Wire’s Reel Payoff is the “first self-spinning wooden reel” in the wire and cable market.
  • Cerro Wire has also introduced its own value packaging products CerroPack and ReelRover. Similar to Encore Wire’s value packaging products, these portable products are designed to make contractors’ jobs easier and facilitate tangle-free and knot-free wire pulling. CerroPack has a gauge that indicates the remaining wire footage.

Introduction of Smart Wire Features and Service Improvements

  • Other product and service launches point to the introduction of smart features and service improvements.
  • Encore Wire, for example, has made its wire products customizable with smart features such as SmartColorID, SmartCount, and/or SuperSlick Elite.
  • SmartColorID is a labeling system that is both patented and color-coded. It is designed to facilitate the verification of the following parameters: cable type, jacket type, colors of inner conductors, number of conductors, and wire gauge.
  • SmartCount, on the other hand, pertains to marks that facilitate accurate cutting of wire lengths.
  • SuperSlick Elite is a patented outer jacket technology that reduces friction and facilitates easy wire pulling. This technology makes the outer jacket slick but not slippery or greasy.
  • Southwire, another leading residential electrical wire manufacturer, has recently upgraded its site to provide customers with an on-the-go ordering service.
  • The addition, called My Projects, streamlines ordering and product selection by allowing customers to create order templates, which can then be used for future orders of frequently purchased products.
  • Nearly 50% of new homes in the United States use Southwire’s wires.

Selection Criteria of Customers

  • It appears that residential electrical wire manufacturers are B2B companies that sell to distributors of electrical supplies. Encore Wire, for example, sells its wire to electrical supply distributors such as Border Sates Electric Supply, Springfield Electric Supply, and Locke Supply.
  • The supplier requirements of leading electrical supply distributors in the country, such as Sonepar and Rexel, provide insights into the criteria that electrical supply distributors use when choosing suppliers or manufacturers.
  • For example, the supplier requirements of Sonepar show that Sonepar chooses manufacturers that comply with standards, demonstrate efficient engineering, provide excellent after-sales service, and produce high-quality products that are suited to the needs of its customers.
  • They also indicate that Sonepar selects local manufacturers that demonstrate continuous improvement, product recommendation, and technological innovation capabilities.
  • The supplier requirements of Rexel USA show that Rexel USA values innovation and quality as well.

Research Strategy

Since insights about residential electrical wire manufacturers and buyers in the United States are not readily available in the public domain, we looked for leading manufacturers and buyers in the space and examined these companies’ offerings, press releases, and other disclosures. We also examined news articles about these companies. Southwire, Encore Wire, and Cerro Wire were chosen because they all claim to be leading players in the market. To identify leading electrical supply distributors, we referred to Electrical Wholesaling’s list of top electrical distributors.

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