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Top U.S.-Based SaaS Companies that Monitor Company Data to Track User Churn


Recurly, TrustRadius, and Singular are top U.S.-based SaaS companies that monitor company data to track user churn and have raised more than $5 million in funding according to Crunchbase. More details can be found below.

1. Recurly

  • Based in San Fransisco, Recurly is a SaaS company that provides billing management through subscription and powers over 2000 brands such as Asana, FabFirFun, Sling TV, and Twitch. The dashboard helps with the easy handling of customer-related billing issues, improving operational efficiency.
  • It uses ProfitWell to track user churn and according to Crunchbase, has received $39.1 million in funding from 13 investors.
  • Here is a link to the company’s website.

2. TrustRadius

  • TrustRadius is a highly trusted Southern U.S. review platform for business technology that helps buyers make decisions using in-depth ratings and reviews from actual users. Clients include TredKite, Oracle, and Marketo.
  • It uses ChurnZero to track user churn and has raised $25.1 million in funding from 4 investors.
  • Here is a link to the company’s website.

3. Singular

  • Singular offers a SaaS platform that allows mobile marketers to analyze, unify, and optimize their marketing channels through a dashboard. The platform unifies marketing analytics, providing actionable insights from previously corrected data.
  • The company uses Gainsight to track user churn and has raised $50 million in funding from six investors.
  • Here is a link to the website.
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