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Top Companies that Offer Personal Research Assistance as a Service (With Pricing)


Some examples of companies that offer personal research assistance as a service are Wonder, ResearchFly, 10EQS, RWS, Maven, Clarity, and Redbutler.


  • Description: Wonder is a research service provider with access to a network of analysts with intellect and fact-finding skills. Their analysts work remotely and are dispersed around the world.
  • Pricing: Pricing details are not publicly available. They are only available by individual contacts.


  • Description: ResearchFly is a personal research assistant service. Through this service, the client has on-demand access to graduate-level researchers that range everywhere from Ph.D. students at Ivy League universities to working professionals.
  • Pricing: Prices begin at $50 for a credit which is equivalent to a half report. Subscriptions are also available.

3. 10EQS

  • Description: 10EQS helps clients obtain hard-to-find insights on specific markets or clients. They provide individuals with specific skills as an addition to client teams, when the limits of the client’s internal expertise have been reached. 10EQS uses crowd to solve business issues.
  • Pricing: $20,000 for a project that may run for a two to four-week time frame.

4. RWS

  • Description: RWS is a market leader in providing services in areas such as translation and localization, intellectual property support solutions, and life sciences language services. Through the AOP Connect platform, RWS connects clients with more than 40,000 crowd based researchers globally that research the client’s intellectual property problems.
  • Pricing: Pricing details are not publicly available and only obtained via a personalized quote.


  • Description: Maven is the largest company pioneering in providing just-in-time, on-demand expertise, empowered by crowdsourcing professional opinion, advice, and expertise.
  • Pricing: The rate is set by individual freelance consultants. Maven guidelines, set a base rate of $25 per hour for an analyst starting out with $52,000 annual pay at the company, where the analyst works.


  • Description: Clarity is a call-based service providing clients with access to a community of experts, including personal research assistance, that help them solve their problems.
  • Pricing: Charges are based on the call duration and the rate per minute (set by the individual expert), with an average 30-minute call working out to $50.


  • Description: Redbutler provides dedicated full-time or freelance virtual assistants to perform several services including research assistance.
  • Pricing: Freelance research assistants charge somewhere between $15 to $40 per hour based on their expertise.

Research Strategy

Please note that for the pricing of ResearchFly, our search resulted in a starter subscription of $50, which results in one credit (equivalent to half a report). The price, however, is for a package. This information was provided as the pricing for ResearchFly.

With regard to the pricing of Maven, after a detailed search on company databases (such as Crunchbase and Hoover) and a thorough search of Maven’s website, we found a pricing calculator page, that helps freelance analysts determine their individual pricing. To provide information on pricing, we used as input the profile of an analyst with a bachelor degree, who works in “all or any industry”, has 1 to 2 years experience with a current salary of US$52,000 (which is the average US salary for an analyst starting). This resulted in a fee of $25 per hour, which was used as an estimate for the pricing.

Glenn is the Lead Operations Research Analyst at Simple Manifestation with experience in research, statistical data analysis and interview techniques. A holder of degree in Economics. A true specialist in quantitative and qualitative research.

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