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Top Companies that Offer Consumer or Prosumer Related Subscription Services


Companies that offer consumer or prosumer related subscription services with annual revenue over $20 million include Tidal, Skillshare, HBO Now, Audible, New York Times Digital, Comixology, Luminary, Shutterstock, and CBS All Access.

1. ClassPass

  • ClassPass is a subscription-based service that offers online fitness services such as live-stream classes and on-demand classes. The company’s mission is “Motivate people to lead inspired lives every day by introducing and seamlessly connecting them to soul‑nurturing experiences.”
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2. Tidal

  • Tidal is an artist-owned subscription-based music platform. The platform contains over 60 million tracks as well as exclusive content including interviews, videos, and hand-picked playlists.
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3. Skillshare

  • Skillshare is a creativity app designed to help subscribers learn and participate in hobbies and crafts from the comfort of their own home. The company has the purpose to “inspire and multiply the kind of creative exploration that furthers expression, learning and application.”
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4. HBO Now

  • HBO Now is a streaming service provided by the premium channel, HBO. The service can be used individually, without a premium cable subscription.
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5. Audible

  • Audible is a digital audiobook platform that offers subscribers access to hundreds of books and magazines monthly. The company was acquired by Amazon in 2008 and today offers books through the audible platform as well as through Amazon Prime membership.
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6. New York Times Digital

  • The New York Times Digital is a digital subscription-based news platform that offers subscribers access to digital content daily. The company converted to digital offerings in order to increase sales and has since reached 5 million subscribers.
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7. Comixology

8. Luminary

  • Luminary is a platform that was built for original podcast content offered to consumers through a subscription-based model. The company is not a subsidiary of Amazon, however, it is accessible on Alexa.
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9. Shutterstock

  • Shutterstock is a royalty-free stock image platform that offers consumers premium images through subscriptions. The company has a free option for lower-level stock photos.
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10. CBS All Access

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