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The Use of OTA Software Updates Among Electric Vehicle Manufacturers


Over-the-air (OTA) software updates for vehicles refer to the wireless transfer of new software, configuration settings, firmware, and software patches to electric vehicles. Since its inception, OTA use has become increasingly common and relevant in the automotive industry. The findings below indicate that many electric vehicle manufacturers are adopting OTA use in some models or in all their vehicles.


General Motors


Ford Motor Company



  • NIssan offers OTA updates for some of its electric and non-electric vehicle models.
  • For instance, the Nissan LEAF Plus contains an OTA system. It is the first model from the company to have vehicle software updates, so it is presumed that Nissan will continue building on this technology in the future.


  • Porsche is offering OTA software updates mainly for its Taycan model.
  • The Porsche Taycan is an electric vehicle currently available in the US that has OTA and hardware updates that make it easy for users to navigate ad drive seamlessly. Some of its OTA capabilities include the InnoDrive system and the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager.
  • It is however important to note that while Porsche announced that the model has the OTA functionality, users are still forced to visit the workshop if they want a major update. OTA capability is nevertheless effective for smaller updates.
  • Reports indicate that Porsche’s use of the term “OTA” is hasty and bold because the company’s manufacturing and supply chain system denies it the ability to deliver OTA capabilities such as those offered by Tesla vehicles.
  • In general, this implies that although Porsche might be interested in establishing OTA-enabled electric vehicles in the future, it must first adjust its supply chain system to effectively adopts OTA software for its products.



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