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The U.S. Online Music Learning Market


In 2018, the US online music learning market was valued at $49.9 million. We have calculated the total amount spent annually on music lessons in the US to be $7.39 billion. Below is an overview of our findings and calculations.

Amount Spent on Music Lessons per year in the U.S.

  • We have calculated the amount spent on music lessons in the United States to be $7.39 billion. Below is a breakdown of the amount spent based on lesson format:
    • Private tutoring and online tutoring in 2015: ($7.39 billion – $610.4 million = $6.78 billion)  
The U.S. Online Music Learning Market

Number of Students Taking Music Lessons in the U.S.

  • In 2015, around 34% of “students nationally were enrolled in at least one ensemble or non-ensemble music course during high school.” Since there were 9.6 million high school students in the US in 2015, the number of high school students taking music lessons during that year is calculated as 34% X 9.6 million = 3,264,000.
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