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The Current and Predicted Trends in In-Flight Connectivity Services


There are seven sources from different studies and surveys, including Fierce Wireless, Aviation Today, Air Guide, Infoholic Research, and more that discuss the current and predicted trends in in-flight connectivity services.

  • Fierce Wireless provides 4 in-flight connectivity trends, including; cybersecurity is expected by business aviation customers, internet connectivity enables remote support, keeping current with connectivity demands, and future-proofing connectivity with unparalleled network capacity.
  • Aviation Today recently published an article analyzing three commercial IFC trends to watch over the next five years.
  • According to Air Guide, in-flight connectivity trends to watch for include: not just about in-flight connectivity, a resurgence in the air to ground services, distributed networks are here to stay, data uploads will become easier, and big data will lead to big profits.
  • GetConnected provides the trends that shaped in-flight connectivity in 2019.
  • Inmarsat provides two trends that indicate that free in-flight connectivity is the way forward.
  • Aerospace provides five trends to consider when predicting the future of IFC.
  • Infoholic Research offers in-flight connectivity market trends.
  • Research and Markets provides a global forecast, including general trends, in the in-flight connectivity market.

Research Strategy

At first, the research team searched through market research databases like Infoholic Research, Grandview Research, Research and Markets, and more. The team located studies discussing the global in-flight connectivity services market, including glimpses into its current and future trends, as most of the statistics were paywalled. However, we could not determine if these sources, due to the paywalls, talk about current and predicted trends, specifically around adoption and penetration rates of airline in-flight connectivity services (e.g., in-flight connectivity per seat or plane). We also searched through industry reports, reliable news sites like PR Newswire, Northstar Travel Media, Aviation Today, and more. Through this approach, the team found various trends, current and predicted, around in-flight connectivity, but not specific to adoption and penetration rates. However, we found a survey conducted by SITA OnAir in 2016 that predicts “in-flight connectivity to hit the skies for two-thirds of airlines by 2020

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