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The main driver behind the popularity of sparkling teas are consumers looking for healthy alternatives to carbonated sodas. The “pioneers” of the global sparkling tea market include SOUND and Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company. New sparkling tea brands launched over the past two years include Minna, Spritz Sparkling Tea, and SZZL Brands.

Main Driver

  • The popularity of sparkling teas is primarily driven by consumers looking for healthy alternatives to carbonated sodas.
  • According to Zia Zareem-Slade, the customer experience director at UK grocer Fortnum & Mason, “sparkling tea is proving popular for customers who love tea and for those drinking less alcohol and wanting to make healthier choices.”
  • Jessica Cording, R.D., the founder of Jessica Cording Nutrition, has stated sparkling teas “can provide the benefits of the tea in them.”
  • Holly McHugh, a marketing associate at Niles, Illinois-based Imbibe Inc., believes that “sparkling tea continues to gain traction because consumers are embracing carbonated beverages with less sugar and more natural ingredients than traditional soda.”

New Brands

  • Examples of new sparkling tea brands include Minna, Spritz Sparkling Tea, and SZZL Brands.
  • New York City, New York-based Minna launched in February 2019. Its launch products included Citrus Black Tea, Tropical Green Tea, and Lime Hibiscus Tea. Today, Minna also offers Cherry Cacao Green Tea.
  • Dublin, Ohio-based Spritz Sparkling Tea launched in December 2019. Its launch flavors included “a hibiscus tea kissed with flavors of dragon fruit, guava and mango, and a green tea infused with tastes of pomegranate, peach, and lemon.” Today, the other available flavors offered by Spritz Sparkling Tea are bright citrus with strawberry & raspberry and wild acai with mango & rose.
  • New York City, New York-based SZZL Brands launched in June 2020. Its launch product, Peach Perfect, contained green tea infused with peaches, apples, and ginger. Today, SZZL Brands also offers Ginger Lemonade (decaffeinated white tea) and Citrus Punch (caffeine free hibiscus tea).

Innovative Products

New Product Line

  • Companies such as Tama Café, Ginseng Up, and Nongfu Spring have recently added sparkling teas to their menu/portfolio.
  • In February 2019, Tama Café partnered with Wrightsville Beach Brewery to launch three sparkling tea products under the Tama Tea brand. They included flavors such as Lemon Lavender, Mango Verde, and Peach Pear. Tama Café operates in Wilmington and Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Worcester, Massachusetts-based Ginseng Up introduced its Mosaic Sparkling Tea product line in April 2019. The product line currently includes Lemon Black Tea, Cucumber Melon Green Tea, Orange Mango Black Tea, Peach Black Tea, Sangria Black Tea, and Berry Blend Black Tea. Ginseng Up previously focused on offering Korean ginseng-infused sodas.
  • Hangzhou, China-based Nongfu Spring introduced its Taste of Time sparkling teas in May 2020. They included flavors such as Pomelo Green Tea, Lemon Black Tea, and Rice Wine. Nongfu Spring is known for its bottled water products.


  • SOUND and Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company are believed to have introduced sparkling teas in the United States and Europe, respectively.
  • New York City, New York-based SOUND has been described as “one of the first to bring the drink to the market.” The company launched its sparkling teas in April 2015. Today, SOUND offers flavors such as Blood Orange & Vanilla with Black Tea, Grapefruit & Lavender with Ginger Tea, Blueberry & Cinnamon with Hibiscus Tea, and Tangerine & Lemongrass with Green Tea.
  • Jacob Kocemba and Bo Sten Hansen, co-founders of Copenhagen, Denmark-based Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company have been described as the brainchild/creators of sparkling teas. The company launched its sparkling teas in June 2017. Today, Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company’s products include Lyserød (Sparkling Rosé Without Percentages), Blå (Delicate Jasmine And Incredible Complexity), Grøn (Fresh Taste Of Citrus And Green Tea), Rød (Crisp Notes Of Red Berries And Hibiscus), and Vinter (The Cozy Taste Of Winter).
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