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The process for software-specific acquisitions by the government is a demanding process that requires, among others, unique pathways for rapid acquisition of software applications and upgrades. More information is provided in the attached Slides.

SASC Sec. 852. Special pathways for the rapid acquisition of software applications and upgrades.

  • The SASC Sec 852 Special pathways for rapid acquisition of software applications and upgrades process provides that in less than SECDEF has the mandate to enact and establish guidance to authorize special pathways for acquisition in not more than. The rapid software acquisition for applications and upgrades will be fielded within a year. The guidance required shall represent the proven technologies and solutions to engineer and deliver software capabilities continuously.
  • The objectives of this acquisition authority under this particular section are meant to begin the engineering of new capabilities faster, to demonstrate the viability and effectiveness of those capabilities while in operation, and to keep updating and delivering new capabilities iteratively from then onwards.
  • The specific direction of USD (A&S) or an SAE is required before considering an acquisition.

HASC Sec. 801. Establishment of acquisition pathways for software applications and software upgrades

  • Developing software for DOD space systems such as GPS has historically been time and money consuming. Developing software development for DOD is also challenging as program offices and system developers do not always engage end-users. In turn, this makes it hard to verify that the systems are wired to the department’s needs.
  • The HASC Sec. 801, however, seeks to establish acquisition pathways for software applications and software upgrades. SECDEF is required to provide timely guidance and authorization for the rapid acquisition of software applications, as well as software upgrades that are meant to be fielded within a year.
  • A contract awarded under this section goes for not more than $50 million and may be entered into for a period not exceeding one year. However, the contract may contain an allowance to extend over one year if the software implementation of one or more software applications and upgrades require more time. In such a case, the amount may not exceed $100,000. The guidance required is strictly meant to provide for application and upgrade acquisition pathways.

HASC Sec. 802. Software development and software acquisition training and management program

  • Secretary of Defense, acting through the USD(A&S) and in the advisement of the USD(R&E) and DOD CIO, may verify software development and acquisition training and management programs.
  • The verification incorporates all software acquisition professionals, developers, and other related professionals, as determined by the Secretary of Defense, to attain a certification in software development and acquisition.
  • The SECDEF is mandated to confirm that the software development and acquisition can develop and expand the application of specialized training programs for PEOs, SAEs, CIOs, and PMs to incorporate training and experience in extensive software development and pathways software acquisition

Software Companies in Business with the DoD

Orbital Insights and Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc are some businesses that have successfully sold software to the Department of Defense (DoD).

Orbital Insight in Partnership with Booz Allen

  • In 2018, Orbital Insight was among the 42 businesses pitched to sell artificial intelligence software and products to the Department of Defense. Like its competitors, Orbital Insight pitched its ideas to the Army Research Lab, the US Department of Defense’s Joint Official Intelligence Center, and the Project Maven team in Maryland.
  • In 2019, Orbital Insight partnered with Booz Allen to deploy AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms on its new software platform, known as Modzy, to be used exclusively by the US executive branch and the Department of Defense (DoD).
  • The Department of Defense, through rapid adoption of AI, can “protect service members, safeguard US citizens, defend allies and partners, and improve the affordability, effectiveness, and speed of our operations.” Therefore, orbital Insight and Booz Allen are entrusted to support the intelligence community, including the DIA, NGA, and NRO, in this mission, using world-class geospatial analytics.
  • Orbital Insight’s geospatial capabilities were categorically selected among many other leading machine learning technologies to run through Modzy, a platform whose primary mission is to run AI through the power of reliable models and secure scalable platform. Through Modzy, Orbital Insight and Booz Allen could accelerate AI adoption by providing a holistic solution to last-mile challenges through operationalizing AI.

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc

  • Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc develops and fields transformative yet affordable technology, systems, and platforms for the US National Security-related clientele, allies, and commercial enterprises.
  • According to the company’s official website, Kratos specialization mainly revolves around unmanned systems, cybersecurity/warfare, satellite communications, combat systems, microwave electronics, missile defense, training, and hypersonic systems.
  • The company sells its strategic and operational consulting services to DoD contractors on Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) advisory services, gap analysis, and documentation services.
  • In its report for the first quarter of 2020, Kratos system DoD focused businesses performed impressively with a reliable Q1 booking, providing future visibility. Since its last financial report, the company has continued to execute its business plan. Kratos is involved in several new prolific DoD programs such as OPIR, Skyborg, GBSD, Vanguard, ABMS, and Golden Horde.
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