C-suite executives like CEOs, COOs, and CMOs consume high-level information and insights on a vast variety of subjects. C-suite executives find value in branded publications that offer content specific to their work. Popular publications among CEOs are Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Chief Executive Magazine. Inc.com, Entrepreneur, MIT Sloan Management Review, and Fortune are publications that COOs prefer while CMSWire, Marketing Week, and MarketingLand are publications that are popular among CMOs.

Popular Publications Among CEOs

#1: Forbes

  • Forbes is among the most popular publications among CEOs and is highly-regarded for its hard news and rich editorial content. The publication features some of the best columnists and contributors across various industries. With more than a century of experience in investigative journalism, Forbes provides CEOs and other C-suite executives with essential guides and insights into some of the most vital aspects of the business world.
  • Forbes is a great resource for CEOs as it covers everything from business to innovation and lifestyle to financial discussions. The publication has over 6.3 million readers, more than 74 million monthly visitors from the United States alone, over 2,800 journalists, and more than 50 million social touchpoints.

#2: Wall Street Journal

  • The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is one of the world’s leading publications for C-suite executives, especially CEOs, as it provides global insights, trends, and news on a wide range of subjects such as business, technology, finance, economics, and politics.
  • According to Digiday, the publication has over 2.5 million subscribers, of which 1.5 million subscriptions are digital.

#3: Chief Executive Magazine

  • As the title suggests, Chief Executive Magazine caters primarily to CEOs, industry experts, and business leaders. This publication is found to be popular among CEOs as it presents a plethora of information for executives of large organizations and startups alike. The magazine features webinars, research reports, trends, competitive intelligence, news, and analysis of everything business-related.
  • Chief Executive Magazine is operated and published by the Chief Executive Group, an organization established specifically to assist corporate directors and CEOs enhance their performance. According to the Group’s official website, its community consists of 95% of America’s CEOs and 100% of the country’s public-company directors.

Popular Publications Among COOs

#1: Inc.

  • Inc. is a popular publication especially among startups and business owners. Over the years, Inc. has established itself as a leading publication that mainly focuses on technology and business-related information. Inc. offers COOs in-depth reports on various subjects such as management, finance, and cutting-edge technology.
  • According to Similar Web’s analytics, Inc.com received over 22 million monthly visits, as of February 2020.

#2: Entrepreneur

  • The Entrepreneur is another popular publication among C-suite executives as it provides insightful information on global businesses, industry trends, and is also known to provide motivational success stories from time to time. The publication provides COOs and other executives useful information, actionable advice, and in-depth conversations about various topics like business management, leadership, technology, and workplace culture.
  • According to Similar Web’s analytics, Entrepreneur receives over 12.16 million monthly visits, as of February 2020.

#3: MIT Sloan Management Review

  • MIT Sloan Management Review is a leading publication that contains expert discussions on subjects that are essential for all business leaders, including COOs. The publication features articles on various aspects of business management and technology, written by some of the world’s best industry experts, innovators, and thought leaders.
  • MIT Sloan Management Review offers COOs and industry leaders evidence-based data on “trends that are shaping how organizations operate, compete, and create value in a technology-fueled world”.

#4: Fortune

  • Fortune is found to be one of the top choices of resource for business executives and investors. This publication is popular among COOs as it addresses trends, insights, opinions, and hard news on topics such as finance, business management, and technology. Fortune investigates information that’s pertinent to an organization’s management.
  • Fortune has become one of the world’s top publishing brands that consist of a monthly magazine, conference series, and a daily website.

Popular Publications Among CMOs

#1: CMSWire

  • CMSWire is a valuable publication for CMOs working in any industry. CMSWire offers a wide variety of information through high-level discussions, articles from thought leaders and industry experts, and webinars. The publication offers research content on subjects that widely covers the evolving digital workplace, information management, and digital customer experience.
  • CMSWire produces more than 350 authoritative pieces every quarter and has more than 3 million subscribers.

#2: Marketing Week

  • Marketing Week is a popular publication among CMOs as it addresses every aspect of the world of marketing. With more than 40 years of being a leading marketing publication, Marketing Week features the latest reports, news, trends, jobs, insights, and opinions on marketing and technology. The publication currently has over 300,000 monthly subscribers.
  • Marketing Week features award-winning content that discusses topics such as the ad industry, social media, effective and efficient strategies, changes, customer experience, analysis, leadership, innovation, accelerating marketing performance, and partnerships.

#3: MarketingLand

  • MarketingLand is another leading CMO-focused publication that presents content on everything related to marketing. MarketingLand features articles, insights, guides, and discussions on subjects such as digital marketing, SEM, SEO, advertising, display, mobile marketing, and data analytics.
  • The publication also provides CMOs with expert information on how they can make the most out of various marketing platforms such as Adwords and Google Analytics.

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