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Nanofiber Air Filtration Products for Pollution Control, General HVAC, Critical HVAC, Automotive Cabins, Gas Turbines & Automotive Air Intake


Most of the examples of nanofiber air filtration products that were found have no pricing data. The links to the contact forms were provided instead to obtain more information such as the pricing data. For pollution control, the Freudenberg Company offers various air pollution control filters that are made of nanofibers. Meanwhile, the eSpin company manufactures the exceed® brand of air filters that are designed for clean room and hospital applications. The rest of the nanofiber air filtration products under each given vertical was presented below with the available price for some items.

Pollution Control

Freudenberg’s Viledon sinTexx Plus

Stephens & Krizner’s Cartridge Filter for Air Pollution Control

  • The Stephens & Krizner company offers cartridge filters to control the air pollution inside industrial sites.
  • Its cartridge filters are made of “polyester spun-bonded fibers, nanofiber media, cellulose, and paper combinations, and with options to apply a PTFE membrane or flame retardant coatings.”
  • The pricing data for the product is not available. The company provided an online inquiry form to obtain pricing data.

U.S. Air CleanFlo Model 3DCP-24 Cartridge Dust Collector

General HVAC

36″ Nanotech XV Wide-pleat Cartridge Filter Pack for Airhawk Purification Systems

Fibertex HVAC and Appliances Filtration Media

  • Fibertex provides “synthetic nonwovens and nanofiber-treated products that are suitable for a wide range of filters used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and for various appliances requiring depth filtration media.”
  • The products’ “filtration efficiencies range from Iso Coarse / MERV 10 with standard polyester nonwovens, to HEPA 13 with nanofiber treatment.”
  • The pricing information for the company’s products is not available. The company provided a contact form for further inquiries.

Critical HVAC

exceed® HVAC air filters.

  • The eSpin company manufactures the exceed® brand of air filters.
  • The company’s brand of air filters includes “high efficiency, low pressure-drop HVAC air filters with specially-designed nanofiber-based media.”
  • The brand’s filters are being used in critical care HVAC facilities such as those found in hospitals, clean rooms, and other facilities.
  • Green Multiplier HVAC air filters by exceed® are Merv 11-13 rated according to ASHRAE 52.2 standards by independent test laboratories. These filters are made using eSpin’s innovative nanofiber technology (nweb-TM). Nanofiber provides a unique benefit in air filtration because of its smaller size. “Going green with exceed® filters creates a safe and healthy environment for its occupants while reducing the building’s carbon footprint.”
  • The following are some of the price points of exceed® filter variants:

exceed® Filter Variants Prices

nMAX Depth Filtration HVAC products

  • “nMAX products feature a gradient density and diameter nanofiber layer. This delivers the excellent efficiency and low-pressure drop that nanofibers are known for.
  • The “combination of efficiency and high dust holding capacity” makes nMAX filter products the “choice for commercial HVAC or clean room applications.”
  • “nMAX media are available in efficiencies up to e12.”
  • The pricing information for nMAX products is not available. The company provided a contact form to obtain additional information on this product.

Automotive Cabins

Hifyber Cabin Air Nanofiber Filter

Donaldson Ultra-Web-Air-Filtration-Nanofiber-Technology

Gas Turbines

AAF International’s DuraShield® Gas Turbine Filter Cartridge

The product is described as follows on the company’s website:

HIFYBER®-GT Gas Turbine Filters

Automotive Air Intake

AMSOIL Ea Universal Air Induction Filters

  • AMSOIL Universal Air Induction Filters (EaAU) are designed to replace stock oil-wetted gauze or foam conical filters supplied with custom intake systems. They deliver excellent airflow for maximum horsepower and improved filtering efficiency for superior protection against wear-causing contaminants. EaAU Filters are easily cleanable with low-pressure air or a shop vac for long service life.”
  • “EaAU Filters are made from high-quality nanofiber media. In lab testing, the nanofiber media found in EaAU Filters removed 5X more dust than the average cellulose filter and 50X more dust than the average wet-gauze media, delivering excellent protection against wear-causing contaminants entering the engine.”
  • The starting price of the product is $58.40.

Donaldson Blue Heavy Duty Air Filters

  • The Donaldson Blue Heavy Duty Air Filter features “exclusive nanofiber technology that offers a longer engine life, a longer filter life, an initial efficiency up to 99.99 percent, and at five times more capacity. Guaranteed to deliver twice the miles between change intervals over cellulose air filters for on-highway applications.”
  • The base price of the product is $79.41.

Cummins Filtration’s NanoForce® Air Filtration

The product has the following features:

  • NanoForce® filters combat tiny particles at a submicron level, removing and retaining the particles before they reach engine components.”
  • NanoForce nanofibers have a much smaller diameter than a human hair. The nanofibers working together with cellulose-based media ensure the most advanced air filtration engine protection currently available in the industry.”
  • The pricing data for this product is not available. The information can be obtained by visiting the physical location of the distributors.

Attack Blue 14-19 Corvette Dry Nanofiber Power Filter- LT1 & LT4

The following are the indicated details of the product:• “ Tremendous power & torque gains.” • “Dyno tested and proven.” • “30 HP for the LT4. – 10 HP for the LT1.” • “Nanofiber technology for the absolute best filtration.” • “Captures dirt down to sub-micron levels. The item’s price is $129.95

Other Product Categories

Yamashin Nano Filter Use Cases
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