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GE, Verizon, Applebee, and Kohl’s are among several brands that have effectively used Livestream to market their products. While GE used livestream to increase awareness of its newly launched HD bulbs and demonstrate their utility, Kohl’s used it to drive traffic to its stores during the Black Friday weekend. A deep dive of the livestream campaigns of all four brands have been presented below.

1. GE’s Creator’s Circle

  • GE ran a 360 degree Livestream on Facebook to increase awareness of its newly launched bulbs– HD Refresh, Reveal, and Relax bulb–and demonstrate “their impact to people in real-time.”
  • GE engaged three influencers for the livestream video: a musician, a stop motion animator, and a special effects makeup artist.
  • Three rooms with three different GE HD bulbs, one for each of the three influencers, were designed and built.
  • The musician was matched with the room that had the warm light, ideal for a “cozy and relaxing environment like a living room,” the stop motion animator was given the room with the “cool and energizing light”, suited for an active office/ studio environment, and the special effects makeup artist was given the room with a light that brought “out colors and whites for places like a bathroom or a kitchen.”


  • The livestream was interactive and viewers could “ask questions and decide the next look, or the next song, or the next animation by simply dropping a comment in the comments section.”
  • To expand its reach, GE took the campaign to Instagram with Instagram Poll, through which it allowed viewers to “vote for the next piece that was going to be created live.”
  • Nearly 2 million individuals tuned in live to watch the livestream. The campaign “increased awareness and inspired people to find the right light for every room” in their homes. “Adweek listed GE’s Creator Circle as one of the most innovative uses of the medium and platform” and Shorty Awards awarded it a Gold Distinction in the Live Streaming Video category.

2. Verizon’s ‘Camila Talks Romance’

  • Verizon ran a live streaming video on Twitter to raise awareness of the music partnership between Verizon Up, a reward program targeted at young customers, and Camila Cabello.
  • “Verizon helped launch Camila Cabello’s highly anticipated second studio album ‘Romance’ with an exclusive fan experience.”
  • Verizon called upon fans to ask Camila “all their burning questions about love, life and the new album Romance for a chance to get them answered live on air.”
  • “To drive viewership to the livestream ‘Camila Talks Romance’ Verizon used the Twitter heart-to-remind unit to notify responders with a personal invitation to tune in moments before it started.”


  • “The authentically candid questions made for a livestream that people loved with a number of heartfelt moments that no one saw coming.”
  • The “livestream ‘Camila Talks Romance’ garnered over 1.3MM views and the next day replays delivered 910K video views. Five paid posts on Twitter successfully built anticipation for the livestream with over 42K responses submitted and over 42K social mentions of Verizon Up and Camila Cabello. The livestream was generated over 232K engagements and over 42K social mentions of Verizon Up and Camila Cabello.”

3. Applebee’s Dollar Zombie

  • “Applebee’s needed to generate a significant amount of awareness and excitement for their new Neighborhood Drinks specials.” The brand created a livestream video that was not only “splashy and engaging” to its millennial audience, but also built on its “neighborhood ethos of community and positivity.” Applebee’s objective was not only to reach a large audience but also to generate “high engagement and participation.”
  • Applebee launched the “Dollar Zombie cocktail with an 8-hour Facebook Live that asked its fans to work together to help solve some Halloween-themed riddles, each with the chance at a cash prize.”



  • Applebee partnered with Telescope, “award-winning live streaming experts and leaders in fan engagement, to create an interactive fan experience far beyond the native capabilities of Facebook LIVE” allowing for the incorporation of “onscreen graphics, digital Easter eggs and even a live countdown timer to add that extra element of urgency and gamification.”
  • Subsequently, the brand also live streamed the Dollar Jolly cocktail promotion, garnering a total of 350,000 views and 240,000 engagements between the two promotions, Dollar Zombie and Dollar Jolly. Applebee was able to “translate social engagement into in-store traffic and sales, all while embodying and communicating the positive neighborhood spirit of the brand. Happy hour at Applebee’s is now more popular than ever, with the Dollar Drink promotions and supporting marketing initiatives being credited” for the same.

4. Kohl’s Black Friday

  • “Kohl’s partnered with vlogger ItsJudyTime to promote their Black Friday sales on Facebook Live.”
  • Judy live streamed her Black Friday shopping trip with her mother, during which she discussed “how easy it was to get everything” at a Kohl’s store.
  • In the livestream description, “she included links to all of the products they purchased and reiterated the amazing Cyber Monday deals her viewers could score at Kohl’s.”
  • The livestream generated 200,000 views.


Research Strategy

We searched award databases, advertising news sources, and expert blogs to find four examples of brands using livestream to market their products. There were several relevant case studies publicly available. Diverse case studies from among the several examples were handpicked and presented: demonstrate utility (GE), builds emotional connect (Verizon), creates high levels of engagement (Applebee), promotion for a special occasion like Black Friday (Kohl’s).

Glenn is the Lead Operations Research Analyst at Simple Manifestation with experience in research, statistical data analysis and interview techniques. A holder of degree in Economics. A true specialist in quantitative and qualitative research.


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