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Leading Podcasts and Publications that are Available in the United States for Automotive Design and Manufacturing


Nine of the leading podcasts and publications that are available in the United States for automotive design and manufacturing are Autoline After Hours, Autoline Daily, the Future of Mobility, Experiences per Mile, Automotive News, Quality Magazine, the Automotive Design & Production Magazine, the Automotive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS) magazine, and Today’s Motor Vehicles. These podcasts and publications were selected based on the inputs of professionals and the weight from available metrics such as domain authority, Alexa Web Traffic Rank, and the number of website visits. The rest of the leading podcasts and publications that target engineering and design professionals in the automotive manufacturing industry were listed below.

Automotive Podcasts

1. Autoline After Hours

2. Autoline Daily

  • Autoline Daily is also one of the top podcasts in the Feedspot list. The podcast tackles the latest updates from the automotive industry.
  • Some of the specific topics include the latest cars, technology, and recent business breakthroughs.
  • The podcast has a domain authority rating of 88 and has a 7K Alexa rank.

3. Future of Mobility

4. Experiences per Mile

Automotive Publications

1. Automotive News

2. Quality Magazine

  • Quality Magazine provides updates, editorials, reports, and other insights on manufacturing topics in the automotive industry on its digital and print edition.
  • The publication’s online website has around 7.25K views per day.

3. Automotive Design & Production Magazine

4. The Automotive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS) magazine

5. Today’s Motor Vehicles

  • Today’s Motor Vehicles releases print and digital publications that revolve around various topics involving automotive manufacturing and design such as mobile robots in the assembly plant, automotive engineering topics, and laser designs.
  • The publication’s online website has around 736 views per day.
  • The publication’s topics were specifically meant for around 30,000 industry leaders.
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