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Leading Manufacturers and Consumers of Extruded Rigid PVC and PVC Compound in North America


Since many manufacturers of PVC materials make both rigid PVC products and PVC compounds, one list each for manufacturers of these products is included, divided into companies that produce both rigid PVC and PVC compounds versus those that only manufacture one or the other. In regard to buyers, the application of both extruded rigid PVC products and PVC compounds is immense. In fact, manufacturers of rigid PVC products are often times buyers of PVC compounds. As such, identifying specific companies as the largest buyers is virtually impossible within the scope of this research. However, detailed lists of applications and industry segments are discussed, as well as the largest importers of rigid PVC and PVC compound products and materials. In addition, wholesalers, retailers, and online marketplaces are introduced.
Of note, some sources state DuPont manufacturers PVC compounds. Until 2018, DuPont was part of DowDuPont. While research clearly shows Dow produces these products, no sources prove Dupont does. Each of the companies listed by Thomas Net as a plastic extrusion company was researched. Only those companies that list rigid PVC or PVC compounds as one of their plastics offerings are listed. Research found about a dozen additional companies in the plastics manufacturing segment located in North America, but could not identify their direct involvement with polyvinyl chloride materials, neither rigid PVC nor PVC compounds. These companies were omitted from the research report.

Rigid PVC and PVC Compound Manufacturers

Limited or Specific Plastics Suppliers

The following companies manufacture either (but not both) extruded rigid PVC products or PVC compounds and are ranked by revenue as available.

Rigid PVC and PVC Compound Buyers

  • Similarly, Teknor Apex lists 7 principal industries for their products and dozens of applications for their PVC compounds within the building and construction segment alone. These include corrugated roofing, deck and rail ing, doors, windows, fence coating, gabions, hot tub and spa, exterior cladding, and exterior trim.
  • The top 4 consumers of PVC products by industry segment are pipes and fittings, profile products, films and sheets, and wires and cables.
  • Mexico, followed by China, is the largest buyer of American made PVC products, covering a wide range of industries including automotive and aerospace, buying almost $18 billion worth of various PVC materials and products.
  • The Creon Group defines six specific consumption segments within the PVC market: PVC window, pipes and fittings, profile extrusion like siding, packaging, soft flooring, and cable plastics.
  • The PVC films segment is primarily composed of packaging, building materials, medical, and printing.
  • There are online digital marketplaces where buyers list requests for PVC products, such as PVC Fittings Online, eWorld Trade and go4world Business.
  • Other large buyers of rigid PVC end products are large distribution wholesalers and retailers including Grainger and United States Plastic Corp, wholesalers such as RJB, as well as big-box retailers Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Menard’s.
  • Bio-based PVC applications include agriculture films, bags , blisters , bottles and canisters , caps and closures , containers and bins , cosmetics , and fibers in a variety of industries, such as building, construction, packaging, transportation, electronics, and textiles.
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