This report provides an overview of the global growth rates of the food tech industry. Funding for food tech companies has risen exponentially from $60 million in 2008 to $16.9 billion in 2018. Data from 2016 projects the food tech market reaching $250.43 billion by 2022. One of the segments with the fastest growth is plant-based proteins, which will attain an estimated market of $85 billion in 2029. Additional findings from Europe reveal that food delivery is the segment receiving the most funding.

Global Food Tech Industry Growth Rates

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Global Food Tech Industry Related Findings

  • In 2019, the overall value of the food and agriculture industry was estimated at approximately $8 trillion globally.
  • Food waste is a potentially viable segment ready for innovation. Some companies are targeting the 40 percent of pre-consumer food waste in the U.S. with a goal of reducing it (such as by improving food quality during transportation).
  • In Europe, the abundance of food tech funding is in food delivery (see chart below).
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