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The global electric skateboard market will be valued at about $2.4 billion by 2025 and the CAGR for this industry for the 2019-2023 period was projected to be about 3.1%. The Street, Cruiser, and Longboard skateboards market in the US, including electric skateboards, was valued at about $269 million, $112 million, and about $105 million in 2015 respectively, and the market size for these three types of skateboards in the US, including electric skateboards was projected to grow to about $324 million, $142 million, and about $134 million in 2025 respectively. Swagtron,Evolve Skateboards, Boosted Boards, and Yuneec were among the top companies in the electric skateboard market globally.

Global Market and Growth Rate

Electric Transporters

The US Market

Skateboard population

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Swagtron's E-Skateboard

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