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Cloud-to-Cloud Storage Trends and Key Players


Cloud-to-cloud solutions being made free at a limited time, Technology partnerships in multi-cloud data transfer, multi-cloud setting, and Cost optimization are some trends in the cloud storage transfer space. In 2013, CloudFuze stated the end of a round of angel investor funding, raising $750,000 from a group of Silicon Valley-based investors. The investment helped the company to develop its Cloud to cloud transfer product.

Trends in the Cloud Storage Transfer Space

1. Cloud-to-cloud transfer solutions are being made free for a limited time

  • Companies in the cloud to cloud storage transfer space are making their product offering available for a free trial. Earlier this year, the full version of MultCloud by Aomei has been made free for three months. MultCloud allows people to migrate files from one cloud directly to another.
  • CloudFuze has also been offering a free trial for personal and business use.

2. Technology partnerships in multi-cloud data transfer

  • In January 2020, QNAP selected CloudFuze as its official partner in multi-cloud data transfer. CloudFuze allows one to “transfer from cloud to cloud between more than 40 cloud services.”
  • According to Meiji Chang, QNAP’s General Manager, “An increasing number of organizations’ backup and recovery strategy operates on both physical and cloud platforms. We welcome the partnership with CloudFuze to help customers looking for streamlined workflow solutions to transfer or back up data from one cloud storage to another with CloudFuze’s optimized and agile cloud-to-cloud migration and sync solution.”
  • According to the CEO of cloud CloudFuze, they are excited to be connected with a “market leader such as QNAP and have the opportunity to provide their customers with industry-leading file transfer services. Adding CloudFuze’s high-value services to QNAP’s already strong backup and sync solutions is a win-win for all parties, particularly QNAP’s customer base.”

3. Multi-cloud setting

  • Information from a 451 research survey indicates that about 9% of companies plan to run a multi-cloud setting by 2019.
  • About 75% of participants stated that one of their main concerns was the challenge of managing cloud spend.
  • One of “the major reasons that discourage people from migrating from one cloud to another is data transfer.”

4. Organizations rely on third party companies for Cloud -to -cloud transfer.

  • To transfer files directly from one cloud to another, organizations or individuals have to rely on a third-party service such as MultCloud, CloudFuze, CloudHQ, CloudFuze, and more.
  • MultCloud currently supports more than 30+ best cloud storage providers, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, Flickr, and more.

5. Cost optimization

  • Cost optimization is the main reason as to why 47% of businesses’ cloud migration. “The average savings from cloud migration come to around 15% on all IT spending.”
  • Small and medium enterprises profit the most from cloud to cloud migration, “as they spend 36% less money on IT that way.”

6. Venture Capital Activities in Data Cloud Storage

  • There is no recent venture capital activity in the cloud -to- cloud storage transfer space.
  • In 2013, CloudFuze stated the end of a round of angel investor funding, raising $750,000 from a group of Silicon Valley-based investors. The investment helped the company to develop its Cloud to cloud transfer product.

Top cloud- to -cloud transfer companies

1. Mulitcloud

  • Multicloud enables the transfer of personal files from one cloud service to another or to perform bulk file transfers.
  • The cost of service with MultCloud ranges from $7.99 per month or $69.99 per year. “There’s also a limited free version, although it comes with a 2TB monthly cap on data transfers and runs more slowly than if you pay”

2. CloudHQ

3. CloudFuze

  • The company also provides cloud to cloud migration.
  • They offer about three subscriptions including Basic, Standard, and Advanced. The Basic plan goes for $9.99 a month, Standard involves 100GB of transfer “bandwidth each month for twice the cost,

4. Cloudsfer

  • The company also supports the transfer of files between two or more clouds.
  • The “cost for that 8GB is $6, which works out to $0.70 per gigabyte. There’s also a Cloudsfer Business plan with a minimum transfer of $25 for 20GB. For both plans, you can transfer more if you need to, and the more you move the better your rates will be. With Cloudsfer Personal, you’re capped at 200GB for $110, which drops the rate to $0.55 per gigabyte. With Cloudsfer Business, you can transfer up to 1000GB for $770 or $0.75 per gigabyte.”

5. Mover.IO

  • Mover.IO was one of the first companies to enter the Cloud transfer space. The company enables the transfer of data from one cloud to another.
  • They charge $20 per month and that comes with just 20GB of transfer bandwidth. Transferring 1TB of data costs about $1000.

6. Snowflake

  • The company offers cloud-based data-warehousing. They raised about $12.4 billion .in their funding rounds.
  • In February 2020, Snowflake, a California-based cloud company, has set to raise new funding which was valued at $12.4 billion. The funding round was led by Dragoneer Investment Group. Salesforce also participated.
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